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A topic that has been and still is important in my life is my identity as a woman. Being a woman is something specific, it involves unique aspects and characteristics that define female life. Only we can be mothers, wives, daughters, friends, business women, single moms, working moms… you get my drift. Clarifying these roles, finding your identity and your place in society are elements that lead to better mental health. I love contributing to other women finding the roles that suit them best and that make them as happy as possible.

Living in a foreign country is enriching but also very trying. With a vast personal experience of leaving abroad, I can help you deal with the drawbacks of being an expat, provide a safe space to explore feelings and to deal with culture shock. Many times, the experience we have going out of our comfort zone is influenced by more general aspects of our personalities and the way we view things, in which case we can work on these in order to make them work for you.

Becoming a parent is a whole new world an adult enters without any preparation. I can help new parents gain perspective on their parenting style and I can guide them towards building a solid, trusting relationship with their child and raising resilient, happy children. In some cases, information on child development is needed in order to solve an issue, in other cases, there is more work to be done with the parent to gain clarity and insight into their own style in order to be able to help children grow. In both cases, we will decide together how to proceed and what to include in our goals.

We all have our strengths and areas we can work on. I can be there to help acquire new skills, polish ones that are waiting to be used to maximum potential or simply listen and help you gain some clarity.

Together with other colleagues I also organize personal development groups for women, within the project “GirlTalk” that you can find on Instagram under girl.talks.romania.

One of the greatest benefits of technology in my field is being able to work with people online from a distance, providing them with help and options that they may not have had otherwise. I offer the possibility to have sessions through videocall, through Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. Due to legal and adminstrative aspects, I can only see clients based in the European Union.

Languages spoken: English, Romanian, Spanish.

Sessions last 50 minutes.

Regular fee is 250 RON / 50 €. A lower price can be agreed for students and for those in special financial siuations.