About me

My name is Corina Stefan, I am Romanian and I am a psychologist and personal development consultant and currently training to become a psychotherapist.
I began my studies in Bucharest at the University of Bucharest where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Baga During my Bachelor’s Degree I did an Erasmus study period in Barcelona at the Universitat Ramon Llull. I then did my Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology at LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. I did my internship at the City Practice where I worked as a counselor for students at the University of New York in Prague.

For my complete professional profile visit my LinkedIn page.

I have lived in Romania, Spain, Vietnam and the Czech Republic. Due to my professional and personal life experience I love working with women’s and motherhood related issues, expat life related issues. You will find articles I have written on these topics on my blog.

I have recently started a new project called Ceașca de Terapie. This is a very important endeavour for me where, together with my friends and colleagues Bianca Pavel and Daniela Danalachi Mbogori, we set out to organize psychotherapy and training and personal development events. Another of our goals is to provide psycho-education to the larger public.

I have worked with people from very different cultures (Asian, Middle Eastern, American, European), different religions, sexual orientations, ages and beliefs. This is what I love most about my work, getting to work with the infinite possibilities of human identity.


My approach

As a clinical psychologist, I work towards better mental health and emotional wellbeing. My job is to help you face difficult moments in life and to help you find solutions to overcome them. Solutions vary and they depend on each individual client and their situation, but may include: change of view and perspective, change of behavior, change in daily routine and health habits, clarification of certain aspects, practicing skills and acquisition of new ones, learning new things, etc.

I use my knowledge of clinical psychology and science-backed approaches in my work with my clients. I also use neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology to guide my practice. I am passionate about new scientific developments in these areas and keep myself up to date in order to offer the best service that I am capable of.

Looking forward to meeting you!