Corina Ștefan

Psiholog clinician


My name is Corina Stefan, I am Romanian and I am a psychologist and personal development consultant and currently training to become a psychotherapist.

I began my studies in Bucharest at the University of Bucharest where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I then did my Master's Degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology at LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. I did my internship at the City Practice where I worked as a counselor for students at the University of New York in Prague.

I then continued as an associate at the City Practice in Prague and performed the same role, as well as undergo regular supervision. I have lived in Romania, Spain, Vietnam and the Czech Republic.

I then moved to Bucharest to undergo training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy at the Yorkshire Training Center with Dave Spenceley. Here I now work with adults with a wide range of isues: depression, anxiety, stress management, trauma, PTSD, relationship issues, self-esteem related problems.

Due to my professional and personal life experience I love working with women's and motherhood related issues, expat life related issues.

I use Transactional Analysis as my main focus. This type of therapy focuses in how people relate to one another and themselves, looks at stories people live out in their lives and changes what isn't working for the person. It guides clients towards living more spontaneously, relating to life and others in an authentic, here-and-now way.

I believe in the fact that people write the scripts of their own lives and can, at any point, change the parts that are outdated. Oftentimes this is not easy to do and this is where psychtherapy comes in.

I have worked with people from very different cultures (Asian, Middle Eastern, American, European), different religions, sexual orientations, ages and beliefs. This is what I love most about my work, getting to work with the infinite possibilities of human identity.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Clinical Psychology

According to WHO, one in four people around the globe will suffer from a mental or neurological disorder at some point in their lives and the numbers are growing. This makes mental health a leading health issue for people around the globe. As a clinical psychologist, my job is to help you face this type of moments in life and, together, we can find solutions to overcome them.

Working with expats

Living in a foreign country is enriching but also very trying. With a vast personal experience of leaving abroad, I can help you deal with the drawbacks of being an expat, provide a safe space to explore feelings and to deal with culture shock.

Working with new parents

Becoming a parent is a whole new world an adult enters without any preparation. I can help new parents gain perspective in their parenting style and I can guide them towards building a solid, trusting relationship with their child and raising resilient, happy children.

Personal development

We all have our strenghts and areas we can work on. I can be there to help acquire new skills, polish ones that are waiting to be used to maximum potential or simply listen and help you gain some clarity.

Extra information

If you live overseas or feel more comfortable being in your personal environment I can offer Skype sessions.

  • Languages spoken: English, Romanian, Spanish
  • Sessions last 60 minutes.
  • Regular fee is 110 RON / 28€ / 700 CZK.